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RPG Maker Game
For 20 maps or under.
Add 10 per map over 20
Add 10 per character.
10 for a background.
5 for color.
Head-shot Drawing
Add 10 per character.
10 for a background.
5 for color.
Full Body Drawing
A full body drawing c:
Add 10 per character.
10 for a background.
5 for color.
This is for one chapter c:
Add 10 points per chapter

(Feel free to drop the zero on any of these c: I don't mind!)

More info on all Commissions here;



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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hello. I'm sure you can guess by my gallery that I'm mostly a writer. Though my work isn't the best, I'm hoping I can grow over time to become a better writer. I hope you like my work.

~That's all for now!! See ya!!~

CM AngelIceCream97 by MaeNemesis

Cheap Commissions -OPEN-

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 3:56 PM
Hello, all c: I know I'm not the best at anything I do, but I need to help my family in anyway I can. They need the money and this is all I can do to help get some extra. These will be cheap so, I hope you'll be able to give what you can. c:
Writing: OPEN
$2 USD
+$1 USD per chapter
(Please be as detailed as possible! I'll be sure to pass any twists I think of by you before I do anything!)
Title of story:
Number of chapters: (If you don't know, just pay as it's written (I'll make sure it's okay with you before I increase the chapter number))
Characters: (with descriptions, please!)
Plot: (Be detailed!)
Extra: (Anything I missed?)
SolvedShe leaned back in the chair. Her hair was brown and cut short while her eyes were a green hazel. She wore a white button-up shirt with black shorts and suspendors. Black French court shoes adorned her feet.
On the other side of the table sat was a man, nervously pulling at the collar of his undershirt. His black suit had a striped tie. Grey colored his thin hair and eyes.
"So, Évariste Lebeau," The woman across from him glanced over at him. "You know why you're here, right?"
"My daughter, Lucienne, is... No longer with us," he swallowed down his tears.
"That's correct. If I recall correctly, her body was found on a cruise ship," she closed her eyes. "Was there anything strange about how she was acting?"
"No, I don't believe so," he hesitated. "Wait, when I last saw her, she seemed to be in a rush or panic of some sort."
"Really? Anything else?" The detective sat up.
"That wasn't the first time she acted that way. She seemed to get in such a panic when she was in large crowds,"
  My DearestI still remember that day. It's in my nightmares, my fears, and sometimes I just can't stop thinking about it. I remember it so clearly, like how I'd remember something that just happened, even though it happened a month ago. I haven't gotten over it. I don't know if I ever will.
• • • • • •
We were sitting so close on the park bench and whispered sweet nothings to each other. Her beautiful mocha colored hair flowing in the breeze, her fragile and pale face in my hands, her deep sea colored eyes staring back at me, the trees' leaves flying all around us. It was perfect, the setting, the weather, everything. I had everything planned and everything was working out perfectly.
"I heard if you catch a falling leaf, it'll grant you a wish," She said as she stood up.
"Then," I reached my hand out and grabbed a falling leaf. "I hope it grants mine."
She laughed in such a sweet and tender way, "What'd you wish for?"
I got up and started walking away, "Can't tell yo

Drawings: OPEN
Traditional Only c:
Ref Sheet: $4 USD
Full body: $3 USD
Bust: $2 USD
Head: $1 USD
Chibi: $1 USD
(Add together if you want two or more)
+ $1 USD per character
+ $1 USD for background
+ $1 USD for colors
Character Name:
Character Reference: (detailed description or picture or both c: )
Character Personality:
Extra: (Anything I missed?)
Angel of many faces by AngelIceCream97 Programmed - Eca by AngelIceCream97

RPG Maker Game: OPEN
20 or under maps - $5 USD
+ $1 USD per extra map (only if it's over twenty)
Characters: (Detailed descriptions)
Resources: (Sprites, portraits, etc.) (If none, I will do my best with the default RPG Maker Ace items and my DLCs.)
Plot: (Be detailed!)
Map Settings + Number: (I won't add a map without your permission.)
Extra: (Anything I missed?)
I won't do anything sexual or involving nudity. Mecha isn't my specialty in drawing, but I can write with mecha. Furry is a no-go, but ears and tail are okay. I can't draw males very well, but I can write either gender.
Please note me with your Commission information and I'll respond with, if I accept, my paypal and the price. I'll start once you pay at least half.
If you wish to pay with points, though money would be preferred, we could always work out the amount of points.

Have a good day c:

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